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Adoption Registry

This Adoption Registry is a free service provided by TxCARE™ for family members separated by adoption.

Though our old adoption registry helped many adoptees, birthparents and siblings reunite we saw many advances in technology that could be used to make the search of an adoption registry easier and more accurate. In fact we have added so many new features to the new adoption registry that we are unable to use the information/registrations in the old adoption database. Unfortunately everyone will have to reregister  with the new Adoption registry (the old database will stay active during this process, you can find it here, it will not be supported as we move into the future of adoption registries with our new registry). We will consider removing the old registry in 2007. Register for the new directory.

Why should I reregister with the new adoption registry? What new features are available to me?

  • Complete privacy control: 
    • The new registry hides all personal information and all communication is through the registry's internal mail system. You control who gets your personal information.
    • Internal mail system: whenever someone responds to your entry, the Registry will send you an e-mail. You can read your message online. This keeps your e-mail private and out of the path of e-mail harvesters.
    • Tired of spam full of broken promises? Only registered members can write to other members and when a member sends you offensive materials or spam... Just report them. We can investigate and ban members that abuse privileges. Search angels are always welcome.
  • Advanced search features:
    • A questionnaire during the entry posting process allows field specific search. (example: searching for an adoptee born on 2/8/1956 and adopted on 2/17/1956 and whose birth mothers first name is Lynda). Yes this can be a pretty powerful tool.
    • Saved search: Save up to 5 searches in your account and be notified when someone post an entry that matches your search. Saves a lot of time, though browsing is still recommended. You can save a field based search or a general search.
  • Password retrieval: No more writing administrators asking for your password. Just enter your login OR email address and your login information is sent to you.
  • Pictures: A picture can be worth a thousand words when it comes to looking for blood relatives.
  • Abuse Reporting:
    • All entries and pictures must be approved when posted or modified. The old database has 30,000 registrations from Texas alone. We are a small group of dedicated volunteers and something may slip through the cracks (though unlikely). All entries have a "report this entry" link. Click on it and your report will be reviewed by an administrator and appropriate action will be taken.
  • Best of all it is free
    • Up to 5 entries and 5 Saved searches, with some limitations on storage space, are Free. This is more than enough for the individual. Most searchers will only need 1 entry (2 if looking for siblings). IF you legitimately need more for yourself please let us know.
    • In the future we will be instituting a paid system for professional searchers (i.e. people who are hired to do this need to support the registry financially).
    • Though it is free please keep in mind that we are a 501(a)(3) non-profit organization. We do ask for donations to help cover the cost of this project.
    • This project would not have happened without the time and capital investment by the owner of www.ecowindchimes.com, Stephen Betzen. He spent hundreds of hours toiling over code and database issues to get this adoption registry and running. Please take time to thank him (and if you so desire buy quality wind chimes from him) and his wife.

Before you register please read and print Registration Instructions. They will guide you through the registration and entry posting process as well as giving some insight on successful use of the registry.

So what are you waiting for?

Register for the most advanced adoption registry on the web